University of Monterrey

University of Monterrey



The University of Monterrey (in Spanish: Universidad de Monterrey, acronym “UDEM”) is a private Roman Catholic institution of higher learning located in Monterrey, Mexico.

Currently, UDEM educates over 12 thousand students, including high school students, undergraduates and postgraduates. The school offers 4 high school modes, 35 majors, 15 baccalaureate degrees and 29 medical specialties and doctorates. UDEM offers a number of choices to study abroad; UDEM has established bilateral, reciprocal and unilateral agreements, as well as arrangements through academic exchange agencies. In 2002, UDEM signed 26 new bilateral agreements with universities in the United States – such as the University of California – Berkeley and other universities in Spain, Italy, Belgium, England (such as University College, London), Germany and France (such as the Lycée Bossuet-Notre Dame, in Paris).

Source: The content above was extracted from Wikipedia in July 2015.
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