Annie Pettifer

Annie Pettifer

Coventry University


Annie Pettifer has been a Senior lecturer in Adult Nursing at Coventry University  since 2001.  Her key areas of interest is end of life care, communication  and  nursing research and she leads Nursing  and collaborative modules in these  fields across pre and post graduate education at Coventry University.

Annie’s research interests mirror these teaching areas. She has contributed and led on  end of life care education projects  within the West Midlands ambulance service and is currently interested in the development of nursing intervention  to  address distress of relatives witnessing the diminishment of drinking in patients at the very end of life.

Annie’s publications include:

  • Pettifer, A. (2015) Nursing care of patients at the end of life who are unable to drink End of life care Journal, 5. (1)
    Pettifer A. & Grant S (2013) The management of Hypercalcaemia in advanced cancer International Journal of Palliative Nursing 19 (7) 327-333
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  • Pettifer A, Bronnert R Cole R Seeley S (2011) Equipping ambulance clinicians in end of life care: devising evidence based online learning imitative. Poster presentation at European Association of palliative care congress Lisbon