Mikko Kanninen

Mikko Kanninen

University of Tampere


Mikko Kanninen is a Senior Lecturer of Acting at The University of Tampere, as well as Artistic Director of Tampere Theatre Festival.

  • Doctor of Arts (Theatre and Drama). Tampere University The School of Communication, Media and Theatre (CMT). (NÄTY) 2012
  • Master of Arts (Theatre and Drama). Tampere University Department of acting (NÄTY) 1995-1999

Research projects

  • “Theatre as a project of a body” Practice led research about the potentials of a modern theatre work. NÄTY 2005-2011
  • “Theatre as a medium.” Research project that studies different recording possibilities of theatre performances, their digital life cycle, new forms of the theatre in the impact environment of developing technology and the potential of such recordings to develop into new works of art, theatre videos or theatre medium . Centre for Practice as Research in Theatre 2007-2010
  • Speech-synthesis in Radiotheatre. TAUCHI (Tampere University), Radio Theatre(YLE), Aalto-University and Lucifer Sam Audiovisual 2011
  • Journalistic Dokumentary Theatre (JODOTE). Artistic researcher, projetc teatcher and performance director. Univercity Of Tampere, CMT. Financing: Koneen säätiö. 2013-1015