Dr Yim-wah Mak


Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Dr Yim-wah MAK, PhD, MSc, BHSc, RN, RM, FHKAN (Education), FHKAN (Community Health Nursing).

Dr Mak registered in General Nursing and midwife in 1986 and 1989 respectively. She received her Bachelor of Health Science in Nursing Degree in 1990. She obtained her Master of Science Degree in Nursing and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Nursing from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 1999 and 2005.

Dr Mak started her academic career in 2005 as an Assistant Professor in Hong Kong. Dr Mak was the Chairperson of the Hong Kong Society for Nursing Education since 2012. Dr Mak is a very active educator and researcher. She is dedicated to advance competencies of undergraduate and postgraduate nursing students on utilizing knowledge in clinical decision making and producing research evidence on interventions that promote uptake and translate research evidence to the practice of nursing and midwifery.

Dr Mak has more than 15 years of experience in counseling for clients with psycho-social distress or suicidal ideations/attempts. She has been a counseling mentor and trainer since 2001. She is dedicated in promoting mental wellness to the children / adolescents and their families and is specialized in addiction counseling. Dr Mak is experienced in conducting randomized controlled trials in tobacco control and promoting health, as well as in working with smokers and their families.


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