A cultural perspective on the physiology of obesity

A cultural perspective on the physiology of obesity

Brazil / UK


This collaboration aims to provide students with the opportunity to discuss and foster cultural understanding of the role of nutrition and exercise on obesity and performance with students on a similar program in Brazil. The aim of the project is to enable students from Coventry and Brazil to collaboratively explore cultural differences and similarities in the study and application of exercise and nutrition on obesity and performance. The project includes two courses from Coventry University (Applied Science and Health and Sport and Exercise Nutrition) to enable a broader understanding of exercise and nutrition related to a health and performance aspect.

A discussion using a closed managed Facebook group provides the platform for discussion between these two international countries. The teaching team provides journal articles and results to stimulate cultural discussion and reflection.

Collaborative Activities

A discussion using a closed managed Facebook group. Module leaders will provide articles and post questions related to the weekly study topics around exercise, nutrition, performance and obesity. This will stimulate topics for discussion between CU and Brazil students to engage in critical debate, collaborative document building and cultural understanding.

Internationalised learning outcomes

  • Critically discuss evidence for the effectiveness of physical activity and nutrition, considering cultural influences.
  • Engage in informed and reflective cultural debate in relation to the physiology of performance, exercise, nutrition and obesity.


Student group

The project will be embedded within two courses:

  • Masters in Applied Science and Health
  • Masters in Sports and Exercise Nutrition