Atlantic Advocacy

Atlantic Advocacy

United Kingdom / United States


This project will use robots to allow students at the University of Central Florida and Coventry University to do a full criminal trial in Coventry Law School’s courtroom.

Coventry University students will appear through the robot technology into Margarita’s advocacy workshops held at UCF and over a number of sessions will take part in their activities learning the skills of advocacy in particular learning how to build a case theory. Students will also take part in a range of activities to enhance advocacy skills such as opening and closing speeches, examination-in-chief and cross-examination. Finally students will take part in activities researching bespoke cases in order to practice their skills.

The finale will be a full trial held at Coventry Law School. UCF students will appear using the robot technology.

Collaborative Activities

Students will take part in interactive workshops using the robot technology which will be run by Margarita at UCF and Alan in Coventry Law School. In addition students will use in their own time to work together researching and will use the robots to practice their advocacy skills.

Internationalised Learning Outcomes

  • To enhance students’ international/intercultural awareness and transferable employability skills in a global context
  • To enhance students’ advocacy and communication skills through international collaboration
  • To raise students’ online communicative competence in academic and professional settings
  • To enable students to practice digital competences to co-construct collaborative multimedia learning objects

Aimed at:

An extra-curricular project for students who are taking part in their second and third year of the LLB programme: 284CLS Practical Legal Skills, 391CLS Advanced Practical Legal Skills and 383CLS Law of Evidence.