CSR and Ethics

CSR and Ethics



This project involves second year Sport Management, Sport Marketing and Event Management Coventry University students collaborating with students at College of Saint Benedict & Saint John’s University, Minnesota to submit a summatively assessed case study. Coventry students are split into groups, and paired with College of Saint Benedict & Saint John’s University, given an international sport organisation and asked to write a report on its CSR and ethical strategies. This work is then submitted in both Coventry and Minnesota, with the marks contributing to their overall degree mark

Internationalised learning outcomes

  • To develop global understanding to appreciate how different cultures can view the same activities
    To understand the difference in expectations of students in different cultures
    To achieve a way of working that takes into account different cultures and time differences

Collaborative Learning Outcomes

Students at Coventry were divided into 20 groups, and invited to choose an organisation from a pre-prepared list on which to write a case study for their coursework. One student from America was randomly assigned to each group. Each group has to submit the same piece of coursework in USA as at Coventry. The coursework brief was designed with the idea that students at Coventry could not complete the work without the help of the American student, and vice versa.