Global Experience in Hazards and Disaster Resilience, Taiwan

Global Experience in Hazards and Disaster Resilience, Taiwan

Taiwan / United Kingdom


The module involves with a field trip to Taiwan. Before the visit, students will have an opportunity to create videos related to culture, then they will post the videos online and share with a group of students in Taiwan (students in Taiwan will also generate videos). After both groups viewing the videos, we will have an online lecture to discuss the culture issues, including food, transportation, student life and so on. Finally when we visit Taiwan, we will meet up with this group of students and further investigation of culture differences.
20 of the 26 students will continue to do a placement in Taiwan.


  • Create on line videos
  • Deliver presentation during online lectures
  • Maintain communication and correspondence via Facebook group chat


  • Digital Literacy – creating videos, carrying out online lectures and presentations
  • Inter culture awareness – understand the culture differences
  • Employability – understand the differences in job application and work attitudes in different countries

OIL outputs

Videos, reflection essays