Global News Immersion Lab

Global News Immersion Lab

Lebanon / United Kingdom / United States


The intersection of journalism and technology has redefined the way we consume and experience news. The news world has expanded in that journalists now cater to a global audience. It has also shrunk from an audience’s perspective, giving them access to news and information without the limitations imposed by time and distance. Yet, there are vast differences in the way both journalists and audiences engage with and experience a story.

GENII – global e-news immersion initiative, is a student-led journalism project that aims to improve cross-cultural understanding, sensitivity and engagement by harnessing the power of digital technology to research, record and report stories based in a remote geographical location.

Through virtual immersion and collaboration, students from different geographical locations help each other produce journalistic content remotely. The student in the lead role is assisted by the supporting student to research a story, identify suitable subjects, interview them and record audio-visual content. Through the entire process the supporting student strives towards preserving the objectivity of the story by keeping his/her influence to the minimum. The student in the lead role continues to make editorial decisions throughout.

The fundamental idea is to harness digital technology to report and produce journalistic content on key issues that impact us, and to do so with enhanced cultural sensitivity and understanding.

OIL Outcomes

  • Understanding news in a global context
  • Appreciate cultural diversity/cultural sensitivity
  • Build important networks, enhance employment opportunities

OIL Activities

  • Collaborative planning, team work, leading and sub-ordination, brainstorming, research
  • News gathering and reporting, production, editing
  • Group Discussion on learning and experience

OIL Outputs

  • Published content (multimedia)
  • Website/ social media/blogs