Global News Relay


The Global News Relay is a journalism Online Internatinal Learning project. It is an annual project that sees students from all over the world come together to produce one news programme. In advance of the broadcast, students work together developing ideas and stories using social media and hangouts online.

This year the project was hosted by University of Southern California, Fresno State. Hundreds of students have been working on the programme including institutions in Bulgaria, Australia, Dubai, Indonesia and India. Second year students at Coventry University worked on a segment that focused on sport in the community.

Aims of the project

Students have the opportunity to:

  • Analyse global news outputs across the world, understanding different outputs and styles of working.
  • Conceptuailse and implement a programme that has wide global reach that can be broadcast to an international audience.
  • Develop a network of media professional contacts that will be able to support skills and experiences in future years of study and professional work.

OIL Activities

  • Interaction 1: Social media discussions around content, style and production.
  • Interaction 2: Production of programme to be broadcast live.

OIL Outputs

  • The programme was broadcast live on March 18th, 2016 online at The content is kept there for archive purposes.