Global Product Pitch OIL Project

Global Product Pitch OIL Project


Belgium / Finland / United Kingdom


This Online International Learning project aims to raise intercultural awareness and develop the business communication skills of undergraduate international students. Using Open Moodle as the main forum and involving collaboration between Malaysian and Chinese students at Coventry University and students from institutions in Belgium and Finland, the project involves a number of different stages.

Firstly, small groups of students communicate with their peers online to establish links and prepare for a group presentation. In the main task each team pitches a product from their own country on video which targets a new market. Follow-up online activities are set up to evaluate and discuss the pitches and respond to comments. Feedback from three different perspectives – business/marketing, intercultural and delivery/language – is provided by tutors in those specific fields. There are also opportunities for the participants to reflect on the skills gained during the OIL project.

 This global product pitch scenario enables participants to develop greater intercultural awareness, improve specific skills such as planning and delivering a product pitch and reflect on the overall process.

 The Global Product Pitch OIL Project aims to broaden the international experience for those students involved as well as collaborating on a series of activities that can enhance their employability profile.

Aims of the project

Students have the opportunity to:

  • Engage in online communication with learners living in another country to increase intercultural competence and awareness.
  • Develop communication skills by planning and delivering a group presentation product pitch.
  • Foster deeper critical thinking and reflective skills.

OIL Activities

  • Interaction 1: Introducing your group
  • Interaction 2: Asking questions and responding to other group.
  • Interaction 3: Group Product Pitch Presentation
  • Interaction 4: Respond to product pitch by asking and answering questions.
  • Interaction 5: Reflections on the whole project


  • Videos of 4 product pitches
  • Forum discussions between participants

Capturing intercultural development

  • Feedback from peers
  • Feedback from tutors
  • Reflections of participants (questionnaires, semi-structured interviews)