Nutrition and Dietetics OIL project

Nutrition and Dietetics OIL project

Nutrition & Dietetics

Malta / United Kingdom


In 2015, an initiative at Coventry University was set up to develop global graduates. Academic staff within the Dietetics department established a link with a university in Malta following networking at a conference hosted in Malta the previous year. The aim was to integrate OIL into the current curriculum starting in the next academic year, from September 2015 running until June 2016. Four students from Malta University and four students from Coventry University were recruited to the project. Students worked collaboratively on three separate tasks throughout the academic year, coordinated and facilitated by University tutors. The tasks focused on a Public Health theme, with the learning outcomes aligned with a third year dietetics module at Coventry University and a third year nutrition module at Malta University.

Aim of the Project

The aim is that by the end of the project, students will have enhanced their communication and digital literacy skills through written communication and verbal communication through the use of skype. They will develop an understanding of the differences and similarities in culture, and the role of the dietitian in another country.

Students have the opportunity to:

  • Gain greater understanding of the partner country and the cultural norms of that country, gained through discussions with their peers
  • Gain greater awareness of international issues in nutrition and health through readings, videos, and discussions
  • Learn about and develop an appreciation of differing opinions on public health issues in their own country and the partner country through readings, videos, and discussions
  • Develop skills to be able to communicate and collaborate effectively and appropriately with peers in online environments, improving their levels of digital fluency
  • Develop the capacity to apply international standards and practices within the field of public health nutrition

OIL Activities

Task 1:

  • ‘See me’ – student upload photo and short biography to Padlet imbedded in open moodle page
  • ‘Meet me’ – Students create a short video as a university group, to show demonstrate the course, university life, and local surroundings
  • ‘Ask me’ – students are paired up with a student from the partner university and skype, with the opportunity to ask questions and discuss similarities/ differences about their course and role of a nutritionist/ dietitian in the different countries.

Task 2:  Discussion blog

Discussion of obesity and comparisons between two countries. Each group to focus on a different topic i.e. obesogenic environment, cultural attitude, reduction in active lifestyles, public health policy

Task 3: Solution focused public health campaign

Each group to develop a video using windows movie maker which presents and examines a solution to the issue discussed in task 2. This will include appraisal of evidence to support arguments.