Poetry & Motion

Poetry & Motion

Lebanon / United Kingdom

“Nothing is harder on the soul, than the smell of dreams, while they’re evaporating” – Mahmoud Darwish


A collaboration between Coventry University & American University Beirut in the form of an on-line project shared between two modules teaching the production of poetic documentaries. Students and staff from the two courses built intercultural dialogue through interactive teaching & learning resources. Focus was on the visualisation of radical poetry with students collaborating on a series of short films.

Aims of Project

  1. By looking at the poetic expression of writers of the global south the students were exposed to the experiences of the region.
  2. AUB is a secular University with students from Middle east with tri-lingual multi religious and multi ethnic background who collaborated with Coventry University students with their own race and class backgrounds.
  3. Shared awareness on current social political conflicts in the Middle East and its relation to UK international policy.


  • Textual analysis essay of poetry and motion documentaries
  • Series of poetic documentaries
  • Continuous blog comments and reflection on work in form of on-line community across both modules