Projects looking for partners

Projects looking for partners

Coventry University projects that are looking for partners

This table shows projects that are currently in development by Coventry University faculty members. These projects are all looking for international partners and collaborators. Please browse through the list and get in touch if any of these projects match the research interests of you or your colleagues.

If you have ideas for new projects or would like to collaborate in project design then please contact us and we will assist you in finding a suitable partner.
Subject AreaProject DetailsFacultySchoolNotes
Business ManagementThis project will investigate issues of international trade and the potential for SMEs to become international businesses by virtually bringing together students from two different countries: the UK, and a European partner/ China partner. The in-class and online session will explore the stages of readiness for international trade by SMEs and facilitate student creativity in identifying international market opportunities.

After participating in this project, students should gain:
• Knowledge about international trade practices
• Critical thinking skills to identify international market opportunities
• Analytical skills to assess the viability of identified international market opportunities
• Effective communication skills in intercultural contexts

OIL activities include:
• Brainstorming activity to identify potential for international trade using pre-set rubrics for a given SME provided by each participating university
• Research the context/ home country of the partner university to identify international market opportunities for the given SME
• Short video presentations of the viability of the identified international market opportunity
Faculty of Business and LawSchool of Strategy and LeadershipPreferably a European or Chinese partner
Pharmacology and Drug Discovery Looking for a partner institution to collaboaratively develop project on' Pharmacology - International research perspectives 'Faculty of Health and Life SciencesSchool of Life Sciences
Automotive EngineeringThis project will investigate the crosswind sensitivity of vehicles in various climates. The students will gain knowledge on the influence of the legislation in various countries on the size and overall weight of commercial vehicles. The influence of the environmental factors, mainly wind velocity (direction, average velocity and likely occurrence of storms/very high winds) on the stability of commercial vehicles will also be investigated.

The students will gain skills in analysing the crosswind sensitivity of various shapes and find solution to improve the stability using numerical tools (computational fluid dynamics).
Communications skills when the collaborators work across several time zones and securely sharing data will be another outcome of the project.
Faculty of Engineering, Environment and ComputingMechanical, Aerospace and Automotive
SociologyThis innovative project allows students to investigate original research topics related to 6 themes: The Refugee Crisis, (Pink House in Sweden, Industrial Heritage (Volvo), Cultural Politics & Popular Culture (Ben Folke Thomas/Food), Urban Planning/Rhythm Analysis (Crosstown Tram Ride in Gothenburg), City Markets (Saluhalen, Feskekorka, Kvibergs Marknad in Sweden), Post-industrial decline (welfare provision in Gothenburg).

Students will conduct OIL webinars with our Gothenburg partners as well as travel to Sweden and conduct their research during the first week of April. The students will produce a research blog as well as an academic poster featuring a photograph from the trip.

The students will produce a research blog with 5 entries min. reflecting on their experience and the methodological process of conducting a research project. Additionally they will create and curate a research poster featuring a photograph and 500 words of analysis of the image. The exhibition will be held in the Glass Box in May.

OIL Activities:
• Two workshops on how to use a blog as well as associated readings on research blogging.
• Seminars on photography and the use of film in Sociology.
• Skype webinar with our counterparts in Sweden.
Faculty of Arts and HumanitiesHumanitiesOnly looking for partners in Gothenburg
MarketingStudents in Coventry University engage with students from a Malaysian university to collect market research designed to help them develop a campaign to see UK chocolate in Malaysia. Simultaneously, the Malaysian students collected market research about the UK to help them develop a campaign to sell Malaysian chocolate to the UK market.

OIL Outcomes:
Students will experience, interact and gain insight into cultural differences in human relationships, behaviour and communication, enhancing their ability to effectively manage and appropriately respond to diverse opinions, beliefs and values that might be different to their own.

They will develop digital skills that are key to life in the 21st Century, especially those that will enable them to participate in team-work involving networks of geographically-dispersed professionals.

OIL Activities:
Conduct semi-structured interviews and discussions online to obtain the data necessary to create the campaign
Faculty of Business and LawSchool of Marketing and ManagementLooking for a European partner to get involved alongside Coventry and our current Malaysian partners
Strategy and LeadershipThis project aims to deliver and develop a wide-ranging and contemporary perspective of the international marketplace. At the same time, it seeks to clarify the strategic issues involved in doing business across countries and cultures. The module is designed to help students recognise and evaluate critically the dynamics of international business. The primary focus lies with the global business environment and the importance of emerging markets in the global world. However, given their increasing relevance, some coverage of European and non-European trade blocs will be afforded through case study sessions and assignment work.

Intended Module Learning Outcomes:
1. Critically evaluate the impact of cultural, demographic, ecological, economic, legal, political, social, and technological environments on international business.
2. Critically assess the various operational strategies used in markets that are in differing stages of economic development.
3. Identify and evaluate the major sources of economic and business growth in emerging markets, developed markets, developing markets and transition markets.
4. Discuss and justify relevant business strategies and activities within specified cross-cultural and international settings.
Faculty of Business and LawSchool of Strategy and Leadership
English and Creative WritingThis is a proposed international online collaborative writing project. Student writers from the UK and a partner university will write magazine articles in their respective towns entitled: A Student Night Out. The students will exchange articles and discuss cultural similarities and differences (and in particular into the different cultures of writing), and the students will make international relationships that can fruitfully develop into the future

Oil outcomes:
• Ability to reflect upon your own and peers’ cultural references and appreciation of the complex and interacting factors that contribute to notions of culture and cultural relationships
• Increased competence in using blogs or other online programs as a form of creative communication

OIL activities:
Proposed Writing Task to write an article of 500-1000 words on a student night out in Coventry/partner town. The completed draft should be uploaded to
Faculty of Arts and HumanitiesHumanities
Sustainable development GoalsLooking for a partner institution to collaboratively develop project on Sustainable Development GoalsFaculty of Business and LawEconomics, Finance and Accounting
Computing, Electronics and MathsThis project is aimed at first year student studying a computing, electronics or maths degree. The students are assigned to a mixed-discipline group comprising 3 UK and 3 international students. They are given the challenge to learn a new discipline (IoT) over the Spring semester and work together online with their international team mates.

The UK student will visit the partner institution where they meet their international counterparts and visit a disabled institution and meet teenagers to discuss their challenges. They spend a week working together to solve the problem using a kit of resources provided plus any other resources they can locate. The week is split between cultural activities and working on the challenge.

The UK students return to Coventry where they are joined by the international students. They finish the challenge and present it over a video link to the disabled institution. Prizes and certificates are awarded. The week is split between cultural activities (this year we included a coach trip to visit Bletchley Park) and completing the challenge.
Faculty of Engineering, Environment and ComputingComputing, Electronics and MathematicsThis project is currently run in collaboration with Laurea and Metropolia Universities but they would like to add more partners, preferably from Nordic countries, Latvia, Estonia or Germany
MarketingSchool of Marketing and Management is looking for partners to develop ideas in the area of Sports and Event Management, International Marketing, Market Research or Human Resource Management.Faculty of Business and LawSchool of Marketing and Management
Accounting and FinanceCorporate governance is the way a corporation is managed. It is intended to increase the accountability of the company and to avoid massive disasters before they occur. The failure of Enron (energy giant) in 2001 is a prime argument for the importance of solid corporate governance.

The topic of executive remuneration has generated a lot of interest for academics, professionals and even the general public in the last 20-25 years. Although the financial world seems to have changed significantly since 1990s and there have been a few governmental attempts to efficiently regulate the reward packages, investors still wonder nowadays why executive directors receive such high salaries. One of the main questions that have been raised by almost all research papers published in the last 20-25 years has been whether there is a strong positive relationship between executive pay and corporate performance. Even as recent as August 2017, the UK government has begun yet another public discussion on whether the executive boards in the UK are excessively paid or not considering the corporate performance.

The study will be flexible, attempting to incorporate companies from different countries, of interest to all stakeholders involved. The project will be completed as a team of students from Coventry University and our partner and the output will be a 1,500-2,000 group report on executive remuneration and also a 500 words individual reflective essay on the experience of being part of the project.
Faculty of Business and LawEconomics, Finance and Accounting