Padlet is a digital canvas where you can create and collaborate. It’s a freemium product, with a version for schools called Padlet Backpack.


  • Support for multiple languages
  • Easy to collaborate in the space
  • No signup required to post
  • Upload files from your computer, or embed from the web
  • Attached links and files have previews right in Padlet
  • Links are automatically recognized and hyperlinked
  • Real time updates of the padlet, or focus mode which lets you decide when to refresh the content
  • Copy posts within one padlet or from one padlet to another
  • Automatically create a QR code for your padlet

Ideas to use Padlet in the Classroom

  1. Have students create a wall as a presentation on a topic
  2. Create a padlet for collaborative brainstorming
  3. Create a video playlist for a course
  4. Have students create showcases/portfolios of their work