Dr Stella-Maris Orim

Dr Stella-Maris Orim

Coventry University


Dr Stella-Maris Orim is Lecturer in Information Systems at Coventry University, UK. She completed her undergraduate studies in Computer Engineering at the Enugu State University of Nigeria. She then went on to carry out a Master’s degree in Internet Computing and Network Security at Loughborough University UK, following six years of work in a telecommunication regulatory organisation (Nigerian Communications Commission – NCC). While carrying out further Masters study in Operational Telecommunication Management she  was involved with the EU-funded (IPPHEAE) project as a researcher. Following her involvement and reflection on her past study experiences she has developed an interest in researching issues related with Higher Education Quality and Standards. She explored student plagiarism in Nigerian Universities and developed a conceptual model for managing the occurrence.

Select Publications

  • Orim, S., Borg, E., and Awala-Ale, I. (2014) ‘Students’ Experience Of Institutional Interventions On Plagiarism: Nigerian Case’. Proceedings of Plagiarism Across Europe And Beyond, ‘Plagiarism Across Europe And Beyond’. Held 12-13 Jun 2013 in Brno, Czech Republic. 54-69 Available from http://ippheae.pefka.mendelu.cz/files/proceedings.pdf
  • Orim, S.M.I., Davies, J.W., Borg, E., and Glendinning, I. (2013) ‘Exploring Nigerian Postgraduate Students’ Experience Of Plagiarism: A Phenomenographic Case Study’. International Journal for Educational Integrity 9 (1), 20. Available fromhttp://www.ojs.unisa.edu.au/index.php/IJEI/article/view/845/608
  • Glendinning, I., Domanska, A., and Orim, S.M. (2011) ‘Employability Enhancement Through Student Advocacy’. ITALICS10 (2), 16-22. Available from http://dx.doi.org/10.11120/ital.2011.10020016
  • Orim, S.I. (2011) ‘An Insight Into The Awareness,Perception And Attitude Of Nigerian Students To Plagiarism’. Proceedings of The Baal Conference, ‘Baal Conference. Held 01-03 Sep 2011 in UK
  • Miles, E., and Orim, S.M. (2011) ‘Can Problem Based Learning Be Used To Teach International Students Project Proposal Writing Skills?’. Proceedings from the 3rd International Research Symposium on PBL, ‘PBL across the disciplines: research into best practice’. Held 28-29 Nov 2011 in Coventry, UK 234 Available from http://bit.ly/1tokEYj