Dr Emma Hill

Dr Emma Hill

Coventry University


Professionally and personally I am committed to trying to create a better world. As a triathlete and mountaineer the environment, clean water, clean air and biodiversity are vital to me – for me it is personal.

In my current role I work with both undergraduates and postgraduates within the Department of Geography, Environment and Disaster Management. I am module leader for Renewable Energy, Energy Policy, Electricity Production and Climate Change. I also deliver lectures on sustainable development in the UK and supervise both undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations/projects.

My key interests lie in stakeholder engagement in climate change and energy, but increasingly in how students learn in these areas.

I have worked on climate change adaptation and mitigation for Severn Trent Water, where i focussed on analysing current and future trends in our greenhouse gas emissions to help the business plan its carbon mitigation strategy. I have also worked on integrating adaptation to climate change into business as usual and project managed the organisation’s response under the Adaptation Reporting Power.

In the past I have worked as a consultant a broad range of businesses on more general environmental management, helping them to build capacity within their own organisation and to take ownership for environmental management. I took great personal satisfaction when the penny finally dropped and people understood what it was they needed to do.

I enjoy and am fascinated by data and analysing trends and to help people understand how they can use those data to solve their problems.

Specialties: Environmental education, climate change mitigation and adaptation, ISO 14001/BS8555 implementation and training, the Carbon Reduction Commitment, environmental data analysis, project managementuni