Mohammad Newaz

Mohammad Newaz

Coventry University


Having been at Coventry University since January 2015, I thoroughly enjoyed working within the School of Economics, Finance and Accounting (EFA). It has a relaxing atmosphere with great academic and non-academic staff.

My main duties include undertaking teaching and course management, supporting the School’s activities in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in Finance. My other duties are to engage actively in applied research and income generation with a particular focus on the area of Finance, and to undertake dissertation and project supervision and other teaching and learning activities as required by the School.

My principal areas of teaching responsibility are Behavioural Finance and Research Methods. Like most of the faculty here, I see my teaching and research work as closely interconnected. My teaching philosophy reflects my interest in student-centred, interactive environment that encourages learning by both students and teachers. I emphasise critical, innovative and dynamic thinking, in which students can think about the class as a community where they can express themselves freely and perform up to their potential.

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