Dr Simon Barry

Dr Simon Barry

Coventry University


Principal Lecturer and Course Leader in Physiotherapy

Simon Barry graduated from the Wolverhampton School of Physiotherapy in 1986.

He has been involved in the physiotherapeutic management of patients presenting with orthopaedic conditions for the past 25 years. Simon was responsible for the in-patient physiotherapy services at a specialist orthopaedic hospital in Coventry for 8 years before becoming a Lecturer/Practitioner in orthopaedic physiotherapy at Coventry University. In September 2001 he became a full time Senior Lecturer with responsibility for academic input to both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Simon completed his PhD investigating cryotherapy following total knee replacement in 2004. Following this Simon became a Principal Lecturer for Coventry University and is currently Course Leader for the Coventry University Physiotherapy BSc (Hons) Degree Programme undertaken at the University of Leicester campus.

In addition to his role as physiotherapy course lead at the University of Leicester campus Simon is actively engaged in supporting research at BSc, MSc and PhD level, he is a PhD research student supervisor and a PhD internal examiner for the University of Leicester.

Recent publications include:

  • Quinn K, Barry S, Barry L (2011). Do patients with chronic low back pain benefit from attending Pilates classes after completing conventional physiotherapy treatment? Physiotherapy Ireland. 2011;32(1).
  • Andrews S, Barry S (2012). Cooling and Rewarming Profiles of Cryo-cuff and Standard Wet Ice Application. Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Orthopaedics iCSP Nov 2012
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  • Toft B, Barry S (2015). An investigation mapping cryotherapy induced analgesia. World Confederation for Physical Therapy, Singapore
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