Consumer Behaviour: Selling UK Beer /Chocolate to the Malaysian Market

Consumer Behaviour: Selling UK Beer /Chocolate to the Malaysian Market


Malaysia / United Kingdom

Project Overview

This OIL project aims to help students consider the impact of cultural influences on consumer behaviour.

Students from Coventry University (UK) and Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (Malaysia) work in groups of five to collaborate with their international peers via a dedicated Facebook page. The students will not only communicate, share and co-learn with their international counterparts, but also conduct interviews specifically for a consumer behaviour marketing exercise.

Interview findings are used by Coventry University students (UK) to develop a strategy to sell UK beer in Malaysia, whilst Malaysian students design a strategy to sell Malaysian beer in the UK.

Applying Consumer Behaviour theories of culture and decision-making, students are encouraged to observe differences in beer consumption between the two countries, and also gain insights to potential cultural perceptions associated with beer that influence its consumption.

Students are required to present their strategies and reflections on the experience of interacting with international and culturally diverse peers during class.

In 2016-17 the project topic changed to chocolate.

Students in Coventry University engaged with students from the Malaysian university to collect market research designed to help them develop a campaign to see UK chocolate in Malaysia. Simultaneously, the Malaysian students collected market research about the UK to help them develop a campaign to sell Malaysian chocolate to the UK market.

OIL Activities

Conduct semi-structured interviews and discussions online to obtain the data necessary to create the campaign.

Type of interactions: Online Q&A and online discussions

OIL Outcomes

Experience, interact and gain insight into cultural differences in human relationships, behaviour and communication, enhancing your ability to effectively manage and appropriately respond to diverse opinions, beliefs and values that might be different to your own.

Develop digital skills that are key to life in the 21st Century, especially those that will enable you to participate in team-work involving networks of geographically-dispersed professionals.

OIL Output

Presentation (PowerPoint)



Intercultural Development

No written work. 2 seminars dedicated to OIL – plenty of discussions.