315SE(CU) and ECM07AEE (EAU) Assignment exchange

315SE(CU) and ECM07AEE (EAU) Assignment exchange

United Arab Emirate / United Kingdom


315SE (CU): Investigate an aircraft accident. Design an organisation structure that will suit ‘root cause investigation’ and ‘safety programme planning’ in different engineering organisations.
ECM07AEE (Emirates Aviation University): Investigate sustainable aviation in the middle east region and contrast cultural attitudes to sustainability against the EU/UK region.

OIL Outcomes

  • Develop global perspectives on sustainability (“see the biggerpicture”) and become “world citizens” by developing insights into global trends, issues, and responsibilities
  • Awareness of how an engineering organisation design works in their own culture with its perspectives and other cultures and their perspectives.
  • Recognition of intercultural issues relevant to aerospace engineering

OIL Activities


1 live video conference
Asynchronous debate via Moodle forum


Moodle workshop (peer review)

Skype wrap-up video conference

Online Tools

Skype, Moodle


Picture: https://pixabay.com/