A comparison between taxation in the UK and Malaysia

A comparison between taxation in the UK and Malaysia

Malaysia / United Kingdom

Project Overview

Building on a review of a selected area of taxation in the UK by CU students they will then engage with students at TARUC (Malaysia) to compare the development, practicalities and application of the same area of taxation in each other’s country.

It offers practical and useful knowledge to widen the appreciation of taxation in a global context. This is in addition to helping enhance student intercultural communication.

OIL Outcomes

  1. Develop an appreciation for the cultural and socio-economic factors that impact on taxation policy.
  2. Develop synchronous and asynchronous intercultural communication skills.
  3. Enhance presentation and evaluative skills.

OIL Activities

Students will undertake the following:

1. Undertake, over the course of three weeks, communication on topics related to the selected area of taxation. This will include both presentations, deliberation and questioning.

2. Evidence is to be retained of all communication and provided so as to assist the tutor in measuring the level of engagement.

3. Students will undertake peer assessment of their counterparts at TARUC, with this done reciprocally.

4. In the final week students will be required to deliver a recorded presentation to the module teaching team where they will reflect on what they learnt with respect of technical content but more so with respect to their intercultural communication.

Type of interaction: Interview, collaborative document building, peer-review.

OIL Outputs

  • Portfolio of evidence – can include audio, video, screen capture and written statements.
  • Peer assessment documents
  • Presentation