A cultural perspective on the physiology of obesity

A cultural perspective on the physiology of obesity

Brazil / United Kingdom

Project Overview

This innovative project investigates the differences between cultures and the physiology of obesity and virtually brings together students from the UK and Brazil.

The in-class and online- workshops will explore the differences in approaches to weight management and the use of Facebook will allow students to engage in critical discussions and swap resources.

Collaborative Activities

A discussion using closed managed Facebook group so that only participating students can join in the debate to answer “What are the cultural considerations for exercise, nutrition and obesity?”

Module leaders will provide journal articles and results to stimulate discussion for example data on epidemiology of obesity in the UK and Brazil.

Critical reflection as a result of the Facebook discussions.

Internationalised learning outcomes

  • Critically discuss evidence for effectiveness of physical activity and nutrition (module learning outcome 3).
  • Engage in informed and reflective debate in relation to physiology of exercise nutrition and obesity (modulelearning outcome 4).

Method of capturing intercultural development

Lab report portfolio with reflective elements.

Student group

The project will be embedded within two courses:

  • MSc Applied Sport and Exercise Science
  • MSc in Nutrition and Health