A Student Night Out

A Student Night Out

United Kingdom / United States

Project Overview

This is an international online collaborative writing project. Student writers from the USA and UK write magazine articles in their respective towns entitled: A Student Night Out. The students exchange articles and discuss cultural similarities and differences (and in particular into the different cultures of writing), and the students make international relationships that can fruitfully develop into the future.

OIL Outcomes

  • Ability to reflect upon your own and peers’ cultural references and appreciation of the complex and interacting factors that contribute to notions of culture and cultural relationships
  • Increased competence in using blogs or other online programs as a form of creative communication

OIL Activities

To write an article of 500-1000 words on a student night out in Coventry/Genesee. The completed draft should be uploaded to https://astudentnightout.wordpress.com/
The articles should be written in English.

Short Paper

This study addresses the challenges presented by conducting an OIL project with an overseas institution.



Picture: https://pixabay.com/