Åland Islands Field Trip

Åland Islands Field Trip

Finland / United Kingdom

Project Overview

A group of stage 1 UG students are collaborating with students from Åland University in Mariehamn to develop a black box sensor package for small boats.

Our partner at Åland University is Sven Schauman.

OIL Activities

Video calls to introduce team members. Shared documents to define system. Agreement on resources needed.

Interaction: collaboration, document building, reflection.

OIL Outcomes

Design of the proposed system including the technology stack and language to be used. Students will also ensure that each team is up-skilled to be able to build and test the final sensor package.

OIL Outputs

  • Project plan and skills audit.
  • Schedule of cultural activities to deliver to partner students.

Method of capturing intercultural development or of assessing OIL outcomes

Each team is working on a shared presentation.