Belgian Law on Euthanasia & the Puzzle of Pain

Belgian Law on Euthanasia & the Puzzle of Pain

Belgium / United Kingdom

Project Overview

This is the first in the series of OIL projects with UCLL and relates to Euthanasia in Palliative Care and the Complexities of Pain Management in Cancer. The session will include students from Belgium, Portugal and the Netherlands; interacting with a group of Coventry nursing students.

Learning Outcomes

Increase knowledge about the euthanasia and the ethical debate between practices of Europe compared to the UK. Enhance and deepen the understanding of palliative care standards, practices and complexities of pain management within European Countries.

OIL Activities

There will be a question and answer session where both interactive parties discuss and debate the topics presented and reflect on the cultural differences for each country; keeping the patient at the centre of the discussion.

OIL Output

Potential to create an online forum where the engaged students can interact following the session.

Method of capturing intercultural development

The students will create a joint reflective piece of work, highlighting key learning. This will be presented back to UCLL via Skype.