Besides the Screen

Besides the Screen

Media studies

Brazil / United Kingdom


The Besides the Screen OIL project invites students from School of Media and Performing Arts at Coventry University (UK) to collaborate online with students from UFES, Vitória (Brazil). These students work together on the planning, organization and documentation of the Besides the Screen/Telas á Parte conference in Vitória and São Paulo, Brazil from 21st – 30th November 2015.

The Besides the Screen conference is more than academic papers (although it does include this), and the week in Brazil will see a range of events from keynote speeches and panel presentations to artists’ exhibitions, collaborative/creative workshops and music/film performances.

Before the event students work on projects related to the organization of the conference events. The students then travel to Brazil for the duration of the conference to continue to work with their Brazilian counterparts to organize, film, promote, report on, and photograph the conference events depending upon subject specialism.

Aims of the project

After participating in the project, students to be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to negotiate cultural, linguistic and temporal barriers to successfully plan and organize projects within a multicultural and multilingual group.
  • Demonstrate aptitude in identifying differing cultural competencies within a group so as to divide tasks in an appropriate manner.
  • Demonstrate an ability to adapt to and inform media working practices in an unfamiliar setting.

Learning activities

Synchronous and asynchronous online planning meetings; collaborative production of logistical and planning documents e.g. call sheets and schedules; collaborative production of media artifacts (photographs, films, journalistic articles and social media marketing materials)

Nature of Activities: Summative and/or formative

  • Interaction 1 / Stage 1
    • September
      •  CU and UFES students assigned to mixed CU/UFES groups (social media, planning or filming).
    • October – November 22nd: Facilitated by tutors from both CU and UFES:
      • CU and UFES students make initial contact in their project groups.
      • Project groups assign roles and draw up activity schedules.
      • Project groups assess equipment / resource requirements
      • Project groups hire equipment and secure appropriate insurance
  • Interaction 2 / Stage 2
    • November 22nd – 30th: Fieldtrip in Brazil:
      • Project groups work on assigned tasks to assist with the organization, promotion and documentation of the various besides the screen events.
      • CU students to document and record their experiences to enable the production of portfolio and reflective work for 201MC.
  • Interaction 3
    • December
      • The filmmaking project groups share footage and edit materials as designated in planning documents.
      • Students upload materials to project website and vimeo account.
      • CU students reflect upon their experience and incorporate that into their 201MC portfolio and project work.

OIL Outputs

  • Exhibition
  • Individual Portfolios