body_building / para_sites

Project Overview

From the brief:

“In this module you will investigate spaces in many and sometimes unusual ways. You will go beyond the norm, zoom in, record, experiment and create innovative ideas from your findings.

  • You will investigate, analyse and re-discover spaces, dimensions and ergonomics.
  • You will collaborate with an international university remotely.
  • Alongside drawing, measuring, ideas forming, making, understanding body and space through observation, drawing, surveying, recording; you will interact with space and peers through experimentation, discussion and teamwork.

The module will teach you creative thinking, technical skills, deeper knowledge of space, ergonomics, materials and basic skills”.

OIL Outcomes

  • Create a series of experimental photographs, drawings and film from movement showing evidence of spatial, ergonomic and technical understanding/awareness.
  • Working individually and in groups, student learn about different ways of working with the body, space and movement, line and drawing etc.
  • Comparing and sharing this work between the schools has been educational, experimental (materials, processes) and social (networking with peers in a different location).

OIL Activities

Students from Coventry and Rensselaer PI collaborated by making movement portraits – establishing visuals by experimenting with movement, ergonomics, line drawing, photography and film.

OIL Outputs

The work produced has resulted in a series of photographic works, line drawings and experimental mixed media works. This is being collated and will be showcased online and digitally on screen.