Central South University Exchange programme

Central South University Exchange programme

China / United Kingdom

Project Overview

The exchange programme requires that students from each institution visit the other for two weeks.

Students work on a common brief and enjoy a mixture of teaching and learning sessions and cultural activities. Wrapped around this are three ‘OIL’ interventions (at the beginning, middle and end), and an ongoing live blog which allows us to provoke reflective discussion and critique. The interventions use both VOIP (Skype) and blogging (Tumblr) technologies as communications tools which act as a neutral ‘common ground’ which bridges the two groups and 1. introduces the programme, 2. creates spaces for necessary socialization and dialogue around ideas and outcomes, and 3. provides reflection and feedback opportunities.

Thus, the work provokes development of practical assignments and enables necessary international friendship / support networks.

OIL Outcomes

Students discuss and critique each others design work considering their respective cultural perspectives and respective audiences. Thereby they strengthen their understanding of designing for diverse audiences, and within global contexts.

Necessarily students have to negotiate their ideas through language – visual and verbal. This helps students to become more adept at articulating their designs and developing respect and consideration for the participants.

The Online exchange precedes the exchange trip. Initial entries introduce students to each other as a means to begin to encourage socialisation. This follows on with social activities in and beyond the classroom where students enjoy shopping and dining out together.

The online environment provides a cultural neutral space where both social interactions and deeper design investigations take place.

OIL Activities

A piece of work that can be printed on the topic of Vaccines. This could be any design form: illustration, information design, info graphic / pictogram, poster…

A monotone vector graphic (one colour – e.g. black), that can be printed onto Vinyl for Window display.

OIL Outputs

The design work will be created into a printed Zine.
The window graphics will be exhibited within the exhibition space in the UN building in Geneva at the GLOBAC conference in May 2017.


Picture: https://pixabay.com