Children Stories for Early Years and Social Education 2017-18 CU Coventry and UCC Denmark

Children Stories for Early Years and Social Education 2017-18 CU Coventry and UCC Denmark

Denmark / United Kingdom

Project Overview

The OIL project is an endeavour towards creating a virtual learning space for students of UCC and CUC to engage in dialogic learning. The aim of the project is to share and critically reflect on children’s’ stories from England and Denmark. The students will brainstorm on how these stories will be used within EY settings as activities (story sacks/ simulation/ digital story) to enhance literacy and numeracy development in children (0-5 years).

The Project Leader is Amrita Narang from Coventry University College – CUC

OIL Outcomes

1* To be able to identify and analyse different cultural ethos underlying varied curriculum practices in early years provision in UK and Denmark.
2* To be able to appreciate diversity in perspective, practices, values, and strategies in early years practices between UK and Denmark
3* To be able to develop skills in effective communication and working with others towards shared goals
4* To be able to engage in critical reflection and thinking from an inter- cultural perspective.

OIL Activities

Pre Interaction
UCC and CUC Staff to exchange/ upload Children’s stories + other relevant literature (if any) on Moodle. These stories will reflect cultural contexts upon which they are based and thus provide an opportunity for students to discover those differences between the two cultures.
Ice breaker: students will create a vlog (video blogging) introducing themselves as a group and upload on Moodle
Both cohorts of students to have read the stories and collated their insights/ perspective/ interpretation of it

Interaction 1, 9th November, 9-11am
Synchronous: Groups of students to interact with their respective counter parts. Students to share their reflections and interpretations of stories and literature shared with them earlier. EYFS and Danish Curriculum

Asynchronous: Each group to then brainstorm on planning activities / play / simulation around the given story in EY settings- focusing on literacy and numeracy development.
English students to do this for Danish Story and vice versa

Interaction 2, 10th November, 9-11am
Students to share their output/ activities with their respective counterparts and engage in critical reflections. Students may prepare questions they wish to ask their counter groups, cultural insights, practice based questions relevant to EY.

Communication Type Asynchronous and Synchronous