City Compass:  Apps for Browsing, Rating and Reviewing City Attractions

City Compass: Apps for Browsing, Rating and Reviewing City Attractions


China / United Kingdom


This project aims to provide students with the opportunity to Understand the profound impact of new technologies, international dynamics, and globalisation on economic, political, social, environmental, and educational systems

Learning Aims

  1. Analyse the day to day operations of HSBC China to understand how it manages its global brand, global development initiatives and global challenges
  2. Enhance global perspectives through understanding varied impact of new computing technologies on diverse international contexts
  3. Develop attributes of responsiveness and adaptability to engage more effectively in intercultural situations
  4. Develop awareness of working in an international environment; understand differences in ‘professionalism’ in divergent cultures

Interactive Activities


Discussion forum with Chinese peers and professionals

  • Students from Coventry University (CU) and Guandong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) critically discuss approaches and applications of Big Data, Android, HTML5, Mainframe, Murex and Agile technologies used by HSBC and international competitors for differentiation purposes
  • The discussion forum around Technology is facilitated and supported by technical experts from HSBC China



Topical Debates

In mixed groups (with no more than two CU students per group) students participate in research, discussion and presentation of arguments on:

  • Vendor-built or in-house built software?
  • Android vs. IOS?
  • Is Agile really better than waterfall?
  • In the bank, we should welcome all the open source libs/software – why?



Intercultural App Design

  • Students select and design a City Compass app with international peers
  • The subject must respond to cultures in China and UK and serve as a viable option for a City Compass implementation, for example ‘Guangdong Cuisine – do you dare to try?’
  • Students must engage in technical software development, deployment and testing, interviews, analysis, and document building



Intercultural Reflection

Students reflect on experiences in groups to examine the impact of cultural similarities and differences on app design and international project outcomes/deliverables

CU Academic Context

Module: Data and Information Retrieval
Course: BSc Computer Science
Participants: 20