Conducting Recruitment Interviews using Skype

Conducting Recruitment Interviews using Skype

United Arab Emirates / United Kingdom

Project Overview

The project aims to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to perform effective recruitment interviews using Skype.

Convening a panel, students will be asked to prepare interview questions for a fictitious graduate trainee role. They will then conduct the interview online before providing formal feedback to the UK based Coventry University students who have agreed to act as the candidates for the role.

OIL Outcomes

• To be able to plan and prepare for an interview.
• To utilise the skills required to carry out an effective interview.
• To appreciate the differences when interviewing online as opposed to face-to-face.
• To evaluate the various types of questions that could be asked but also what questions should be avoided.
• To handle an interviewee’s responses to questions and appreciate how unconscious bias can influence our own perceptions of others.
• To appreciate the significance of constructive feedback to candidates.
• To demonstrate use of a range of visual and verbal communication skills appropriate to cross-cultural communication within a specific simulated HRM scenario.
• To demonstrate an ability to think globally and consider key issues in International HRM from a variety of perspectives and contexts.

OIL Activities

Working in groups acting as an interview panel, students will complete a 20-minute interview using Skype.

OIL Outputs

Written feedback provided to each student who volunteered to be interviewed.

Method of capturing intercultural development

In-class discussion