Conversations Across Continents: Moving towards professional dance

Conversations Across Continents: Moving towards professional dance


Australia / United Kingdom


This project will bring together students within dance studying at BA level in the UK and Australia. Using the blog format students will exchange perspectives and perceptions on their journey from year 3 student, to pre-professional and graduate. The focus will be on the interrelationship between the students’ final projects and the strategies they are developing towards post graduation careers. Each student will be paired with a blogging ‘pen-pal’ to share their reflective responses to set weekly questions

OIL Outcomes

  • Improve knowledge and understanding of cultural difference, particularly the role of students’ own cultural influences and assumptions
  • Appreciation of the importance of multicultural  diversity to professional practice
  • Understand the potential importance of cultural difference in human relationships

Learning activities

Type of interactions: Guided blog postings (weekly reflective questions sent to students in both UK and Australia). Paired students are supported to read and comment on each others reflections.

Sample weekly blog questions:

  • Week 1: Give a brief introduction including what dance means to you and describe the project you are currently involved with.
  • Week 2: Give an outline of the current dance context where you are (with consideration of the community/independent dance environment that you are encountering through this project). How would you describe the cultural context?
  • Week 3: How are you translating your dance practice to the current project?
  • Week 4: How are you fostering creativity in this project through collaborative approaches?
  • Week 5: What are your future aspirations and what resources will support you on your path?
  • Week 6: Comment on the new experiences you have had through this exchange


  • Output 1: Student Blog & email exchanges
  • Nature of Activity: Formative
  • Student blogs and module assessed viva (30%) will evidence the intended OIL learning outcomes.