Coventry-Nagasaki Telecollaboration for Language and Intercultural Exchange

Coventry-Nagasaki Telecollaboration for Language and Intercultural Exchange


Japan / United Kingdom


CU students on the Lower Intermediate Japanese Add+Vantage module and NIU students who are studying English on a Global Tourism Course have been communicating asynchronously using video message and the online Forum. The aim of the OIL project is to develop the communicative competence of both groups of students and to build relationships between them.

The students demonstrate Reciprocity, learning from each other through give and take. They demonstrate Sociocultural Learning, in what they absorbed from the social activities in context, and they develop as Autonomous Learners, and are able to identify and elicit the help they need.

Learning outcomes

The students have developed followings:
• Appreciation of the importance of responsible learning and awareness of its influence on their partners
• Ability to create resources to interact with their partners
• Ability to undertake their learning independently outside of the classroom with their partners

OIL Activities

The students at both universities send a post through the forum within a small group to discuss in both Japanese and English. The CU students put their Japanese language skills into practise. The partner students gather information from the discussion with the end result being a presentation of their CU partner students as their project.

The topics for each forum is as follows
l Family and Friends discussion
l School Life discussion
l Free Time Activities discussion (we’ve already covered some of it)
l Future Goals and Dreams discussion
l Open Forum discussion (any topic)


Picture from Pixabay (Public Domain)