Cross Cultural Comparisons of Sport Psychology Provision

Cross Cultural Comparisons of Sport Psychology Provision

Croatia / United Kingdom

Project Overview

After an initial, flip teaching introduction to the cross cultural characteristics of applied sport psychology, students were tasked with further reading and research into this are cultural psychology.

Students were then introduced to a case study of an eminent sport psychologist in Croatia, Boris Balent who works for Hajduk Split FC .

All the participants of 1000SEP (Sport and Exercise in Culture) were  tasked with providing questions for the case study psychologist, that were specifically tailored to his areas of expertise. The following week a 2 hour workshop was carried out where the students had the opportunity of interviewing the psychologist over Skype to ask their questions directly to the practitioner of sport and exercise psychology.

Verbal feedback was very positive from both parties and the students reported a lot of gains from the experience.

OIL Outcomes

Appreciation of the diversity in provision of sport psychology.

OIL Activities

Research into cross cultural differences in the provision of sport psychology. Question development and presentation in an interviewer scenario.