CU ZUMC School of Design OIL 2018

CU ZUMC School of Design OIL 2018

China / United Kingdom

Product Overview

This project is designed to expose UG and PG design students to transnational and cross-cultural learning experiences within an online learning, internationalised context.

Key learning objectives are that students at CU independently liaise and cooperate with their counterparts at ZUMC, sharing research outcomes and cultural guidance and creative direction. Students should develop an empathetic awareness of the cultural differences that characterise the ethos of each institution.

The final outcome will be synchronously delivered presentations of the students’ design outcomes.

Two additional leads on this project are Tim Ball form CU and Mr. Hao HU from ZUMC.

OIL Outcomes

  • Intercultural and trans-national, collaborative and communication skills.
  • Development of independent learning, research and investigative skills.
  • Development of distance learning techniques and promotion of personal and group team-working skills.
  • Development of appetite for new learning challenges and delivery of creative design outcomes within tight deadlines.
  • Development of presentation skills.
  • Exposure to high levels of learning, social and cultural uncertainty.

OIL Activities


In small groups students are to design a trophy that will be awarded to students of design at their degree graduation ceremony. ZUMC students are to design a trophy for design students at CU; while CU students will design a trophy for graduating design students at ZUMC. The important point is that the trophy is SPECIFICALLY only for graduating DESIGN students. Design students can come from any design discipline – product design, graphic design, interior design, etc.

As part of their research for the project, students should find out how many design students would typically receive the award at graduation. Graduation numbers may vary between the two institutions. This may have an influence on manufacturing considerations.

There will be an in initial introductory session in which all students are introduced to each other. This session will be guided by tutors from ZUMC. After the meeting, groups from one institution will be paired with a group from the other institution. These pairs of groups will help each other with research and background cultural insights into each other’s institution. For example, CU students will help ZUMC students in sourcing CU brand assets, such as logo’s typefaces, etc. Groups will communicate with each other using whatever methods they mutually agree, e.g. WeChat, email, Skype, Teamviewer.

Type of interaction: Group discussion, individual action, peer task sharing, cultural probes, face-face engagement, online synchronous video discussion.

OIL Outputs

Collaborartive (group) design of a trophy that reflects the ethos and culture of the partner institution.

Output = CAD design, PowerPoint live online presentation of proposal in synchronous online session with ZUMC. . Subsequent to the project there will be an online exhibition of the work in a format yet to be decided.