Cultural influences on web design

Cultural influences on web design

Malaysia / United Kingdom

Project Overview

This project brings together students in the UK and Malaysia to investigate the cultural influences on web design.

Web design directly determines the usability of websites, and thus greatly affects websites’ popularity and even income generation. Web design from local companies in the two countries will have different approaches, even global players such as Facebook and Twitter will have different localization strategies. What are the cultural influences on this? We’ll investigate by looking at design principles and live examples of online websites.

This project is a vital supplement for students who attend 205CDE and for anyone who is interested in international web design.

Our partner in Malaysia is Dr. Chia Yean Lim, from INTI International College Penang.

OIL Activities

1. Team up UK and Malaysian students, some ice breaker team building activities.
2. Within a team, UK students present their coursework to showcase their understanding of web design. Malaysian students to review.
3. As a team, decide a web site topic, do literature research and present their findings. Present their findings with all other teams, discuss.
4. Formulate findings into a team report.

OIL Outcomes

  1. Common web design principles in UK and Malaysia
  2. Different web design practices
  3. Web localization strategies and cultural influences