Documentary Film Making

Documentary Film Making

China / United Kingdom

Project Overview

Students studying English at CU, and studying the module ‘Language in a New Media Age’ (211DEL) are given the opportunity to make a documentary film in collaboration with students in Changzhou University – Loo-Keng Hua college – Feng Xia (Associate Professor).

The project is a vehicle for facilitating this collaboration and the enhancing creative skills, and helps cultivate cross-cultural awareness.

Working with Jizheng Wan in ITS, we have set up a collaborative research platform to allow the exchange of video files. We have also brought in creative writers to write and record music to accompany the documentary films.

OIL Outcomes

The documentary film is the assessed outcome for our students, along with a reflective report and an essay.

The process of achieving this final product is at the centre of the OIL collaboration, and really is where students foster their intercultural awareness, and learn how to collaborate in small teams with people who they do not know and who may not share their values and beliefs.

Students will also develop confidence in communicating with people in China, and this may lead to a field trip or a different kind of exchange further down the line.

OIL Activities

Students set up communication platforms – WeChat: used to exchange social and practical information. They also exchange short bios through lecturer.

Once communication is established, the next step is the production of the documentary film. CU students are working mostly in pairs, and will work to script and design the documentary as a preparation for the collaborative part that involves a student from Changzhou University. Students are all self-selected.