Fieldtrip to Guangzhou (School of Computing, Electronics and Maths)

Fieldtrip to Guangzhou (School of Computing, Electronics and Maths)

China / United Kingdom

Project Overview

This project will immerse students into an international academic experience with Chinese students from Guangdong University of Foreign Students.

During that time, students will collaborate with Chinese students to build a data application focusing on cultural exchange. The trip will interleave both sessions for working on the project and lectures on Chinese culture. The trip will also include a visit to HSBC software development headquarters.

The mission of this trip is providing students with the appropriate soft skills to work in an international environment.

OIL Outcomes

– Learn how to carry out project management in international environments
– Learn how to communicate business ideas in international environments
– Self-awareness of different cultural values

OIL Activities

– Data project with chinese students on a cultural application
– Visit to HSBC software development headquarters
– Lectures and participation in cultural activities


This project is run in collaboration with our partner Carrie Ke at Guangdong University of Foreign Students.