GENII – Global News Immersion Initiative

GENII – Global News Immersion Initiative

Germany / India / Lebanon / United Kingdom / United States


This pioneering project brings together students from 6 universities (Chennai, Beirut, Fresno, Coventry, Milwaukee, Stuttgart) to remotely produce stories through immersed e-journalism.

Students are paired off to produce stories based on each other’s locations using digital technology and social media.

OIL Outcomes

Students will acquire knowledge in the area of cultural sensitivity, breaking stereotypes, inter-cultural communications.

They will develop abilities to communicate under challenging circumstances (different time-zones, technological challenges) and pick up key journalistic skills including interviewing, producing multi-media content and using cutting-edge technology.

OIL Activities

Students will work in pairs conceptualising, researching and producing a multimedia story.

The stories will be compiled into a collection of stories that will be published online.

One-to-one networking, collaborating on social media platforms, critical reflection

OIL Outputs

GENII – a collection of multi-media stories produced for the project.