Global Product Expansion

Global Product Expansion

Belgium / United Kingdom

Project Overview

The purpose of the OIL project is to support students think about the implications of product development on an international basis including the concept of cultural distance.

The module Entrepreneurship & Enterprise in Sport & Events (level 5) for students studying for a BA degree in Event Management, Sport Management or Sport Marketing requires student to investigate the development of businesses and new products with an international context.
The first part of module encourages, the students to study the processes involved, the nature of entrepreneurial effectual & critical thinking and the organisational processes of developing a new product or service.
The second part of the module asks the question of the student, how would they go about developing the product or service for sale in to a new market territory? How would the marketing strategy be adapted to meet the needs of entering a new international market? What would be the implications of operational management to supply this new market?
To enhance the second part of module, it envisaged that the students should communicate with students that have current and direct knowledge of living and studying in another country. This communication can take place via any means of online communication, i.e. Skype, video conference, email, private group on social media. The intention is to facilitate the students to conduct an international focus group discussion to identify product and packaging adaptations to better suit the new market, to better understand legislative requirements of the new market and cultural distance issues relevant to selling in the new market.
The main interaction between the student groups will take place during December of the current year 2017.

OIL Outcomes

Implications of cultural distance on business development.

OIL Activities

Two Skype call sessions (1h each) are organized and online discussions are encouraged.

OIL Outputs

The coursework 2 asks students to explain the decisions taken to develop a business plan and internationalise their enterprise. It also requires producing an executive summary of their business plan with the internationalisation process included. The international focus group then provide an artefact on which to reflect and evidence for developing the internationalizing of the business plan.