GO Project

Project Overview

The project is in collaboration with Baylor University US.

Five CU PG students participated in the online global marketing project as part of multi-cultural teams from Baylor. This is the third year running for this OIL project. The initial success was showcased during the visit of Jeff Hamilton, Vice Provost for Global Engagement, Baylor University, U.S. in March, 2015. GO project is now part of the formal M35MKT assessment (CW) for the academic year JAN-MAY 16-17 as well.

OIL Activities

CU participants upload CVs on DoYourBuzz; this is then followed by interaction with Prof. Jim via Skype. The teams then interact through GO project website to update progress re: their Global marketing project.

OIL Outcomes

  • Critically examine the global marketing context with an emphasis on global marketing management and the degree of internationalisation.
  • Understand and apply global marketing research and practice to various markets.

Method of capturing intercultural development or of assessing OIL outcomes

The assessment (40%), a presentation with speaker’s notes, will include a component to critically reflect on the students’ reflection on working in an intercultural environment and how that impacted their learning (holistic).