Gothenburg & Coventry: A Comparitive Sociological Study

Gothenburg & Coventry: A Comparitive Sociological Study

Photography sociology

Sweden / United Kingdom

Project Overview

This innovative project allows students to investigate original research topics related to 6 themes:

  • The Refugee Crisis, (Pink House in Sweden
  • Industrial Heritage (Volvo)
  • Cultural Politics & Popular Culture (Ben Folke Thomas/Food)
  • Urban Planning/Rhythm Analysis (Crosstown Tram Ride in Gothenburg)
  • City Markets (Saluhalen, Feskekorka, Kvibergs Marknad in Sweden)
  • Post-industrial decline (welfare provision in Gothenburg)

Students will conduct OIL webinars with our Gothenburg partners as well as travel to Sweden and conduct their research during the first week of April. The students will produce a research blog as well as an academic poster featuring a photograph from the trip.

OIL Activities

  • 2 workshops on how to use a blog as well as associated readings on research blogging
  • seminars on photography and the use of film in Sociology
  • Skype webinar with our counterparts in Sweden
  • semi-structured interview and collaborative analysis

OIL Outcomes

The students will produce a research blog with 5 entries min. reflecting on their experience and the methodological process of conducting a research project.

Addtionally they will create and curate a research poster featuring a photograph and 500 words of analysis of the image. The exhibition will be held in the Glass Box in May.


This project is run in collaboration with Charlotte Butler.