International Business- Challenges and Drivers – Malaysia

International Business- Challenges and Drivers – Malaysia

Malaysia / United Kingdom

Project Overview

International business is a broad and vibrant area of study and offers many players in the business environment an opportunity to grow and increase their scale of operation.

This OIL project aims to offer an introduction to the challenges and drivers for companies deciding to do business internationally. The Online International Learning [OIL] project compromises of five activities/interactions on a mutual shared digital platform. Students from both universities are asked to work, present and discuss case studies critically. The whole online experience aims to provide students a new perspective of student interaction, student experience and student learning in higher education.

OIL Outcomes

1: Demonstrate an awareness of the challenges and drivers for companies to operate internationally
2: Appraisal of intercultural differences when considering new market entry in terms of implications, challenges and opportunities encountered e.g.
• Influencing factors on consumer choice
• Work ethos
3: Critically analyse case studies to understand the real business environment and to identify new channels of business opportunities overseas

OIL Activities

Week 1: Opening the OIL Project:

Week 1 / Task 1 – Welcome dialogue and Icebreaker Activity
Get to know each other; understand each other`s perspectives, cultures, learning styles and the aims of each individual from this OIL Project.

Icebreaker Activity:

Where are you from
What are you studying?
What are you expecting from this OIL project?
Which skills you want to develop and acquire?
How is this going to be useful for your further studies and employment?

Week 2 / Task 2 – Group formation and Case Study Analysis I plus Seminar activity
Week 3: Video Presentation
Week 4 & 5 / Task 4 Group work Case study analysis II plus Seminar activity

OIL Outputs

Output 1: Creating presentation slides
Output2: video presentation
Output 3: Producing an e-book with the summary of the group reports


Preeti Mutiara Yacob is taking the lead on this project at the partner institution.