International Project Management: Role of Environmental Factors and Cross Cultural considerations

International Project Management: Role of Environmental Factors and Cross Cultural considerations

France / Malaysia / United Kingdom

Project Overview

The aim of the project is to explore various factors involved in the international project management.

Students from the UK, Malaysia and France will exchange their knowledge of international projects and share their ideas about the nature of international projects. They will also discuss about the international projects from their country with the group and the challenges involved in these projects, and engage in an intellectually stimulating discussion.

An industry expert from the USA will also answer any questions raised by students and will share his experience.

Our partner is Malaysia is POH CHUIN TEO.

OIL Activities

Online Technologies:
Facebook and Questionnaire software (Qualtrics)

• The Project leader and the team will encourage students to participate in the discussion on Facebook group
• The project leader will facilitate and moderate the discussion
• In the class/ seminars 10 minutes will be dedicated to this activity where students can post their views.
• Students can also participate in the discussion from outside the classroom
• Students will also get a chance to ask questions to industry experts on international project management

• Students will join the Facebook group
• For two weeks they will post their views and information on the set topic of the week
• Students can post their point of view on the set topic along with pictures
• Students can comment on others post and have a discussion
• Students will get a change to interact online with industry experts
• In the final week they reflect on their learning by answering the set questions. They will receive the questionnaire line in the final week.
• Students who will participate in the activity and reflect on the activity by participating in the survey, will get the certificate from Coventry University
Topic for discussion:
• This week question: Name a project that was carried out in your country by foreign company/ consortium? Name the companies which were involved in this? You can also post a picture of the product/building/any other tangible output of the product.– (Week 1 activity)
• Name at least two main environmental factors or cross cultural considerations a project manager has to take into consideration for the success of the project. You can refer to the project you had discussed in the first week. (Week 2 activity)
Student will get a chance to post their questions to industry expert. The industry expert will spend maximum of 2 – 3 hours in addressing student’s questions either in week 1 or week 2.

Schedule of the Project:
Week Starting from 13th March 2017 – Students join the Facebook group and introduce themselves
Week Starting from 20th March 2017 – Week 1 activity
Week Starting from 27th March 2017 – Week 2 activity
Week Starting from 3rd April 2017 – Questionnaire

OIL Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding of International Project Management from global perceptive, and explore various critical factors for the successful execution of an international project.
  • Develop knowledge of international Project Management principles, Practices and strategies employed by global businesses when executing a project in a foreign country.
  • To demonstrate an ability to think globally, interact and communicate on social media platform with people from various cultures and counties in a professional setting.