Internet-based Laboratory for Distance Teaching and Learning

Internet-based Laboratory for Distance Teaching and Learning

Russian Federation / United Kingdom

Project Overview

At the present time students perform all experimental courseworks and laboratory exercises when university workshops and laboratories are open. However, there are many situations when students cannot obtain the access to laboratory equipment for reasons, such example, as disability, illness, restrictions on flexibility of working hours of part-time students or remote location of a place of residence.

In order to help students with such problems to participate in real-time laboratory experiments, an Internet-based Teleoperation Laboratory (ITL) is developed at Coventry University.

The Internet-based Teleoperation control could also reduce the cost of running a laboratory for the University due to the reduction of the required support of technical personnel.

This will especially be appreciated when numbers of students in a class increase.

OIL Outcomes

The knowledge and practical skills in the following areas:

– software development;
– GUI (Graphic User Interface) design;
– data-base design;
– analoge and digital electronics;
– microprocessors;
– instrumentation;
– sensors, actuators and LEDs.
– programming via the internet;
– remote control and monitoring.

OIL Activities

Students will design electronic devices and write the software programs for the on-line remote monitoring of parameters from sensors (such as the temperature sensors) and control LEDs via the internet.

Students will develop practical skills in areas related to analog and digital electronics, microprocessors, software design and internet-based data communication.

Type of interaction: Critical reflection

OIL Outputs

Prototypes and software.