Journeys into Mystery

Journeys into Mystery

Indonesia / United Kingdom

Project Overview

Working in association with students at Universitas Ciputra, Indonesia, students will produce A2 poster work to promote local folkloric customs and mythology. The work will culminate in an exhibition which aims to reintroduce its 21st century audience to folklore history.

Christian Ang is our partner at Universitas Ciputra, Indonesia.

Project Outcomes

The project introduces students to other global cultures and their respective folk histories whilst simultaneously (re)connecting them with their own.

OIL Activities

An online ‘intervention’ in which students from both institutions upload work to a shared blog space and engage in productive critique. An agenda will be drawn around accessbibility of outcomes for a global market / audience.

Type of interaction: Peer-review / critique

OIL Outputs

Each student will produce an A2 illustrated poster and a selection of these will be exhibited at each institution.