King Lear and Twelfth Night Online

King Lear and Twelfth Night Online

Finland / United Kingdom

Project Overview

Continuing on from the Coriolanus Online project in conjunction with the University of Tampere, Finland, this project will continue to examine Shakespeare’s texts as the students already have some experience in dealing with Shakespearean language and the complexities of blank verse.

2016-17 – The text chosen for this second stage will be King Lear

2017-18 – The text chosen for this stage will be Twelfth Night

We will explore both a large ‘public’ scene as well as more intimate sections from the text in order to examine how this pedagogy enables rehearsal work in these differing circumstances. These versions will attempt to refine both the technology and the teaching developed during the initial instalment of the project.


OIL Outcomes

The use of peer learning on collaborative tasks in a virtual setting improves both cultural and technological awareness. In an increasingly competitive labour market and globally interconnected society, students who develop the abilities (knowledge, skills and attitudes) to work effectively in multicultural and geographically distributed teams are likely to be more employable, as employers value such global competences.

OIL Activities

Rehearsals/Workshops/Lectures/Peer learning

OIL Outputs

Conference Papers/presentations

All activities will be filmed and analysed