LinkedIn Masterclass

LinkedIn Masterclass

Finland / United Kingdom

Project Overview

This project focused on enabling students to build, develop and utilise an effective LinkedIn profile.

The session was virtually delivered live by an expert in intercultural communication from the University of Laurea in Finland, using software which enabled communication between students and the lecturer Lloyd Bethell. The workshop covered the essential requirements needed in LinkedIn as well as networking functions and other educational and professional development tools, to prepare students for graduate employment post university.

OIL Outcomes

– Develop detailed, specific and individual LinkedIn profiles to attract employers
– Develop networking skills to enhance career prospects
– Explore importance of utilising effective intercultural communication skills in the job market and in future employment

OIL Activities

The students were guided through the process of building and developing a LinkedIn profile virtually, and had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss communication skills with Lloyd Bethell.

Type of interaction: Group discussion, question and answer

OIL Outputs

Students each created or developed an existing LinkedIn profile.