Logistics Service Providers and Logistics Outsourcing

Logistics Service Providers and Logistics Outsourcing

Georgia / United Kingdom

Project Overview

The logistics service providers (LSP) and logistics outsourcing function are vital for overall global supply chain performance. This project explores LSP concept, benefits and ways of outsourcing to them, and the role and importance of logistics service providers in global supply chains on the example of multiple countries and Globalink Logistics (an international logistics service provider with multinational presence).

Mr. Manzoor Shah and Mrs. Gvantsa Berozashvili from Globalink Logistics are the partners in this project.

OIL Outcomes

– Understand the concept of Logistics Service Providers and Logistics Outsourcing
– Explore the application of these concepts and related theories into practice in various international contexts of supply chains.

OIL Activities

The participating students, under the guidance of Alexandre Metreveli to prepare and deliver live presentation via Skype video about the topic of this project, receive live (Skype video) feedback from Globalink Logistics professional(s), and enter into discussion with them and this projects leader(s) at Coventry University.

Further, the presentation to be uploaded to closed Facebook group of this project and discussions among the students and Globalink Logistics professional(s) to be recommended.

Type of interaction: Presentation, live correspondence via Skype video, and optional Facebook interaction.

OIL Output

Presentation, live correspondence/discussions via Skype, and optional Facebook posts and correspondence.

Reflective portfolio.